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"It is not common for us to discuss the concepts of friendship or celebration. We spend time with friends instead of talking about friendship. We party instead of discussing the concept of celebration. But the simple action of stepping back and observing these activities can help spark a change in our mindsets.”


Young people today are burned out on consumerism and mass production. They are hungry for tradition, meaning, craftsmanship, and a wholistic connection to nature.
And they enjoy a good drink, too! In this simultaneously lighthearted and serious minded book, Trevor Gundlach addresses all these themes and more. Drawing from diverse sources, he shows us how Catholics have a long and venerable tradition of sanctified drinking, and he points the way to enjoying alcohol in a way that is simultaneously holy, virtuous, and a joyful.  In a world that vacillates between the extremes of Puritanism and excess, we desperately need this message. Pour yourself a glass and enjoy this wonderful book! 


Founder of The Catholic Gentleman

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